What others say about Tiger.

"I love hearing how God works thru circumstances that seem so dim to show his amazing light. Tiger Coffman is a perfect example of seeing God do the unexplainable. His testimony is one I will never forget. Gripping story!! "
Brock gill - Illusionist/stunt artist/evangelist
"Tiger is a true Soldier for Christ! His passion, enthusiasm and love for the Lord is always evident in his life in everything he does, especially ministry. He is very funny and his personal testimony is powerful. I thank the good Lord for Tiger and pray that his ministry continues to bless others as I know it has blessed my life. Thanks for your friendship brother! "
Sam Sharif
"I love hearing Tiger share his testimony. I've heard it many times having known him for several years now, but it's always fresh just the same, and powerful. I think that's because he's not offering a historical account so much as an ongoing tale, which always leads you back to the goodness, the love and the hope that is found in our God.
Tiger's untiring effort to use every ounce of energy God has given him to tell others about the love of Jesus Christ is inspiring. And the leftovers he uses just to make people smile."
Jason Connor - Student Missions Coordinator
"Tiger has been a brother and a friend for close to 15 years and I treasure our relationship. He has had a passionate love for Christ and a passion for communicating the love of Christ to others as long as I have known him. I believe that God's power is perfected in weakness and Tiger has embraced his weakness. Because of this, there is an anointing on Tiger that I have seen on only a few people in my lifetime. You will be touched, moved and blessed by his ministry."
Steve Ray - Assoc. Pastor of Worship & Adult Discipleship First Baptist Church, Magnolia, TX
"Tiger is a walking example of what it means to walk with Christ. He is one of the most genuine,humble, God fearing and faith filled persons I know. He loves Jesus, loves people and lives a submissive life to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is the kind of man I want to speak to my students."
Drew Z Chaplain Houston Christian High School, United States
"I have had Tiger come speak at my church multiple times. He has an awesome testimony that will impact lives of all ages!! In fact, my students cannot wait for him to come back and speak at our D-NOW!!."
Matt Haggard Student Minister FBC. Newton, TX
"We're blessed to have known Tiger for several years now through a few different ministries. Tiger spoke at the Cougars for Christ meeting at NorthPointe Intermediate in Tomball where students were incredibly moved by God's hand on Tiger's life. We've also been blessed by Tiger at Faithbridge church and at Houston Christian High School where he's reached many teens for the kingdom. Tiger's story, his witness, and his true love for the Lord are an inspiration to all. We're amazed every time we see Tiger and he's faced a trial or challenge that he ultimately uses for God's glory."
Christine & Matthew Metoyer
"Tiger has a gift with the youth! I honestly don't know anyone that can touch the lives of the young people like Tiger can. If you catch yourself at a local highschool or junior high ask around and I guarantee that you will find multiple people that will tell you how Tiger has made a difference in their lives the way he has in mine."
Jamie Kubiak
"I have known Tiger about twelve years. As long as I have known him, he has always had a heart for youth ministry and sharing Jesus with others. His warm and loving personality lights up a room and when someone meets Tiger, they will never forget him. I love how he loves others. His character is one of godliness. He desires to please the Lord in all he does. I am so blessed to have Tiger in my life."
Loretta Beam
"I first met Tiger last year when he was a guest speaker for our school's Cougars for Christ organization. When Tiger gave his testimony all 300 students were mesmerized and anxious to hear more. Students identified with his sports background and were drawn to Jesus as a result of his touching testimony. Since that first meeting students have requested frequently for Tiger to return. "
Mary Callon
"I have known Tiger for more than 15 years. He has always had one focus and that is to minister to others by sharing the love of Christ. His testimony has inspired thousands of people and he has a heart for reaching out to youth. I am blessed to call him my friend and privledged to have seen the Lord work through him all of these years."
Jill H., Katy, Texas
Steve Tanner, Tyler, Tx
"Tiger has an amazing passion for guiding young lives closer to Jesus Christ, it is just part of who he is. His amazing ability to be relevant to this generation helps captivate today's youth as well as encourages them to open up and share. Working with Tiger has in youth ministry has helped teach me what a true passion God looks like."
G. Gibson
"Tiger has been a part of our student ministry as a devoted small group & discipleship leader, mission trip leader and as a regular speaker within our ministry. He has a heart of pure gold and he always brings a smiles to our faces as he continually puts others before himself. Tiger encourages our students to face their trials head on and shows them a daily picture of Christ. I am honored to work alongside him in ministry as he challenges me to turn all of my circumstances good or bad as an opportunity to share the love of Christ. The Lord is using Tiger and his testimony to make an eternal impact on His kingdom!"
Amanda O'Kelley, Spring, TX
"Tiger consistently shows an exuberant passion for the LORD and for people! I had the privilege of working with him for a full year and have been his friend for close to 3 years. In that time, I've seen him passionately share his testimony, the love of God, and his encouragement with people, whether total strangers or longtime friends. Tiger has always been there for me, whether I emailed him from Australia or called from some distant part of the States. No matter where I am, I know Tiger is there for me, day or night if I need a friend or a prayer. His life shines God's love and he is a shining example of who Jesus is. I highly recommend him for any ministry opportunity you could offer him! "
Madigan Winters
"Tiger brings energy and optimism to every student group he leads. Both students and leaders are inspired by his story and encouraged by his sincere efforts to stay eternally focused. For years, I worked with him in the Disciple Now environment. Not only were the kids very blessed to have him there, but I was blessed by getting to know him as a fellow servant of Christ and as a friend."
Jessica V., Dallas, TX